Vaksine til hund og kattVaksine er viktig mener veterinær Cato Gjesdal fra Dyredoktoren. Her med hunden Mira.

Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Vaccines for Cats: We require vaccine against cat flu, cat plague, cat leukemia and chlamydia infection. Basic vaccination: two injections with 3-4 week interval, then ANNUALLY revaccination.

Vaccines for Dogs: We require vaccine against distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis and kennel cough.
Basic vaccination: an injection after age 10 weeks, then ANNUALLY revaccination,

We do not require vaccination against Rabies, Leptospirosis (dog) or FeLV (cat).

Uunfortunately there is no exception when it comes to these requirements, this is best for you and your animal and safest for us who is taking care of your pet.

Prior to last vaccination is 7 days to the first stay at the kennel.

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